Wing Tattoo

The wing Tattoos are very popular among both the men and women. They are commonly associated with Birds, butterflies, fairies, dragonflies and mythological characters and represent elevation, speed, aspirations and freedom.

Those who choose to be engraved with a wing tattoo prefer it on their back as the wings are found on back. Apart from the back they are popular on the arms too as an extension. These are just the symbolic places however, these tattoos can be worn or any body part. Those who choose the angel tattoos choose it for a reason. It means they are trying to convey the following or any one of them guidance, enlightenment, protection or inspiration.

Wing Tattoo

The wings of the mythological characters say a lot like magic, alchemy and transformation. They even speak about the four elements earth, wind, sky and fire. There can be many more interpretations of these tattoos but what speaks loud and clear is the symbolism of liberation. People who wear this tattoo want to be liberated and set free. They aim for the sky and strive to achieve it with their wings.

Wings give you the liberty to fly enjoy your freedom and live life to the fullest. Get a wing tattoo and let us know the how it feels.

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