Twilight Tattoo

The Twilight Saga, both in movies and novels, has stolen the hearts of millions of fans. The gothic beauty of these literary works has inspired many forms of fan art, the most common being tattoos. Twilight tattoos are a rage among its fans, especially with the younger generation.

twilight tattoos

Twilight tattoos can be drawn in various styles. Fans of the movie have clubs of the main characters of the movie – Edward, Bella and Jacob – and tattoo themselves with their image to show their affiliation to one of those groups. The tattoos can be in black ink, or some may even venture forth with a lifelike color portrait of a particular character. Some fans opt for a more subtle expression of their love for Twilight by getting a famous quote from the book or movie tattooed on them.

When you opt to get a famous quote of Twilight tattooed on yourself, make sure it is in the gothic font. This gives it a certain eerie feel about it. No matter what form of tattoo you get to show your love for everything that is Twilight, it will clearly show your lure towards forbidden love, something that Bella and Edward have between them.

Image Courtesy The Berry

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