Turtle Tattoos

Found in water across the world and know live the longest turtle tattoos come in when we choose to speak about grace and poise. Most commonly done in black ink, due to the lack of natural colors in turtles, these tattoos are common as the Hawaiian and Pacific tattoo designs.

There are lot ways to ink a turtle when it’s being done in the Pacific style. We recommend the best is to leave it to your tattoo artist’s creativity. An experienced artist will do a perfect job. Better still before going under the needle finalize the design and get it customized according to your preferences.

Turtle Tattoo

You can use them in any way make them look realistic or use a baby tattoo to look like a carton character. These tattoos were very popular among the Hawaiians and the Polynesians, they associated it with calmness, tranquility and serenity. Very logical, as the turtle is a very calm animal itself and cool as its lives in water.

Apart from the Hawaiians and the Polynesians these tattoos were popular with the Native American tribes too. They believed that when the earth was being created the turtles helped in the job. Hence you can find many Native Americans with the turtle tattoo.

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