Tribal Dragon Tattoo

When we think of a dragon, the image of a bizarre flame throwing aerial monster comes to our mind. The unmitigated raw strength and energy of this huge mythical creature is unparalleled. Capturing such high voltage power in a tattoo can be rewarding for both the artist as well as the patron. The dragon tattoo has been in existence from the early age of mankind in the tribal art form and its popularity has never seemed to be on the wane.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

In the world of tattoos, tribal art is the most popular form. And in the world of legends, nothing comes closer to the dragon in the scales of popularity. An amalgamation of best of both the worlds – the tribal dragon tattoo – is a view to behold. Asian cultures revere the dragon as a something noble and powerful. The Chinese believe that the dragon brings in wisdom and good fortune. The Japanese believe the dragon to be a stabilizing factor which brings about a balance in life. But in a stark contrast, European culture considered the dragon to be an embodiment of evil and bad omen.

Tribal dragon tattoos are usually drawn in black ink. Contrary to general belief, this tribal art has a variety of options to draw, even in vivid colorful hues. Some tribal dragon tattoos are drawn with wings, some without wings and some with fire spitting dragons also.

Image courtesy Galeria Detatu

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