Tribal cross tattoos

Tribal tattoos originated among the ancient tribesman to ward off evil spirits with specific symbols and to show achievements of a warrior, on their skin. It symbolizes the leader in a tribe whom everybody else should follow; the symbols are specific from tribe to tribe though. Tribal cross tattoos are something new and hold no religious power. It is just an amalgamated variation of the original tribal style and the Christian cross design.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Design

Initially tribal cross tattoos were worn to show respect and a sense of belonging to the heritage of a particular tribe. But now people choose to opt for this tattoo simply as a form of body art. This tattoo looks great in dark hues of black or blue, but many choose to create it in beautiful shades of colors. The tribal cross tattoo blends in perfectly with the Celtic background also.

Hence, tribal cross tattoos are among the most versatile tattoo symbols out there today. They are usually worn on the shoulders, forearm and back by men. Women also have them on the foot, ankle, hand or lower back, but are usually smaller and more feminine, with floral designs added to them. Get a tribal cross tattoo to stand out of the common lot.

Image Courtesy Mad Tattoos Designs

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