Tiger Tattoos

The big bad cat of the Asian jungles, ravenous yet dangerously beautiful in its ferocious glory, finds a place of pride among all tattoo lovers. People who believe to have character traits of a tiger portray it through their tiger tattoos. This tattoo is masculine in nature but, of late, has found a female fan following. The most famous and beautiful of all tiger tattoos is the Royal Bengal Tiger of India drawn on the body. The Siberian White Tiger also finds a place of glory in the tattoo world.

Baby Tiger Tattoo

Tiger tattoo scores pretty high in the list of animal tattoos and has been a part of the fashion world for a long time now. The orange and white Royal Bengal Tiger is a bit of a contrast to the black and white Siberian Tiger, but both are equally and absolutely beautiful. The tiger tattoo has its origin in Asia and finds a place of honor in the Chinese and Japanese cultures. Supporters of the endangered tiger also feel proud to brand themselves with a tiger tattoo.

Tiger tattoos are portrayed in various forms – within a jungle, sometimes the whole body, sometimes just the head, and sometimes a baby tiger also. The two most common meanings related to a tiger tattoo are of strength and power. It also signifies beauty, courage, independence, passion and pride. On the flip side, it has negative connotations of revenge, danger and punishment also.

Image Courtesy Waktattoos

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