The water carrier – Aquarius Tattoo

All those born between 20th January to 18th February fall under this sun sign. Aquarius is actually the sign of the air but the symbol is that of the water bearer. The exact reason and source still remains unknown for the water bearer.


Individuals who fall under this sign are great thinkers. They believe in having their opinion and sticking to it thereby setting the trend sometimes. They follow no one but are great inspirations for others. They do not prefer adventures or exploring but form great planners and organizers. They believe in being independent and following their own rules. They are the happiest just being themselves and do not give an ear to the ones criticizing them.

The symbol of the sun sign has a pretty woman with a pot in her hand, from which the water is flowing. Those who go in for this tattoo prefer to choose the original design without getting the air sign too. They believe the astrological values stay with the original sign. Here for the artists modify the design to suit the choice of the one getting inked. They can be customized to look tribal tattoos or with a dash of your attitude. Go ahead try it!!!

Image courtesy Waktattoos

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