The Various Meanings of Bear Tattoos

The bear tattoos were famous with many civilizations due to the powerful symbolizations associated with them. There are endless myths, believes and folklores to talk about the power of bear tattoos.

Due to their characteristic of going into hibernation bear tattoos speak calmness and serenity. They help in settling the anxiety within the individual. The bear symbolizes the following – power, motherhood, fertility, confidence, fortitude, dominion, protection and initiation.

Calm bear tattoo

The Native North Americans associated the bear with freedom and the cycle of life. Hence, a lot of woman in their tribe adorned the tattoo on their bodies. The Celtics associated the bear with the moon; hence they believed the bear had lunar powers in them. Due to its linkage with the moon they also believed in that the bear carried some form of feminism in them hence are good for childbirth and motherhood.

In contract the Chinese thought the bear had masculinity, therefore they depicted power, valor, domination and authority. They believed that if a woman dreamt of a bear when she was pregnant she would give birth to a baby boy.

As per the Alchemical symbolization, the bear if hibernating represented feminism and when it was active it depicted masculinity and supremacy.

Image courtesy Tattoostime and Find Your Tattoo

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