The Tattoos Of Avril Lavigne

The Tattoos Of Avril Lavigne

The Canadian Singer and song writer has a number of inks, but majority of them are small and done impulsively. Most of her tattoos are matching with her friends. Her first tattoo was a star on her left wrist. This tattoo is styled keeping in mind the art work of her “Let Go” album. Her co-writer of the song “Nobody’s Home”, Ben Moody the guitarist, got exactly the same tattoo.

Avril's Roman Numerical Tattoo

She is very fond of starts and has the largest star outlined on her left hip. Next to it is another outline of a smaller star tattoo. To show her love for her father she got herself inked with the nickname he gave her when she was a toddler “Abbey Dawn”. Abbey Dawn also happens to be the name of her clothing line.

At the age of twenty five she got a roman numerical tattoo denoting her age “XXV”. The tattoo is on the inside of her right elbow. Her boyfriend Brody Jenner and her friend Allie have the same tattoos at the same location. Even after filing for divorce with Deryck Whibley, she got herself a tattoo reading 30, to celebrate his 30th birthday in March 2010.

Image Courtesy My world Teenage and Only Avril

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