The pack of cards inked on your body

Card tattoos are becoming popular among the youngsters, especially who love the game of cards and wish to showcase the meaning associated with the cards. In the ancient era when the game of cards was introduced the ace was considered as the lowest of all the cards. The French revolution changed the game! The ace became the most powerful of all the cards, especially the ace of spades. Hence the most commonly found card tattoo is the ace of spades, symbolizing power. Also how one can get to the top starting from the scratch.

Card tattoos

The next in the deck are the royal cards, the king, queen and the jack. They symbolize royalty and dignity. So people who want to convey their dignity, poise and power opt for the royal cards from the deck. There is another meaning associated with the queen of hearts. She represents a character in Alice in wonderland that is synonymous with tyranny and oppression. She was the cause of sorrow for many, hence some refrain from using the queen of hearts for their tattoo design.

Apart from just the cards, there are other accessories that add to make a better card game like the poker coins, dice etc. Individuals sometimes prefer a combination of these too.

Image courtesy MadSCAR

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