The Myriad Meanings Of Snake Tattoos

The Snake Tattoos have been popular since the ancient times, could be due to their mystical charm or their supernatural associations. The snakes can be symbolic of various things like the power to heal, valor, dangerous or deadly or the medicinal powers, as their venom is used for certain medicines.

It is believed that when the snake is turning clockwise and touching its own tail, it symbolizes rebirth. As the snake in this position is forming a circle. Many civilizations worshiped snakes. The Indians associate the snakes with Lord Shiva, who dons the snake around his neck. The snakes are believed to be his followers.

Snake Tattoo

This animal is very popularly used to depict the various personalities of an individual. A poisonous snake is associated with a person who can be dangerous or is full of vengeance.  On the other side a poisonous snake can speak of wisdom too, where a person can be discreet and smart. A nonpoisonous snake speaks about the person’s cleverness and his ability to remain calm in stressful situations. Someone who can take wise decisions in tough situations and guide the others too wisely.

So which personality are you trying to tell the world, choose and get yourself inked.

Image courtesy Cobra Tattoo

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