The ‘IN’ thing Cosmetology Tattoos

Cosmetology is the art of beautifying someone. The field is loaded with creativity and ideas. It permits it purveyors to wear the art on their sleeve and feel proud about it while flaunting it. Till date the field allowed the practitioners to wear the tools of the trade on their clothing, for instance their aprons or may be the saloon uniform had the tools printed on them. Of late there have been some who been sporting the ink on their bodies.

Cosmetologist Tattoo

A number of cosmetologists are expressing their passion for the field by getting the tools of the trade inked on their bodies. The most common designs found are the scissors, blow-dryers and the comb. Hair curlers are being worn too but they do not make a very good sight. Old fashioned straight razor,             barber poles and the new razors are the ones that are being sought for in the tattoo world.

Amongst more popular designs are the colorful lipstick tubes, old fashioned pump perfume bottles and the eyelash curler. We suggest if a hand mirror done aesthetically can look amazing on the arm of a cosmetologist. Although this art is yet to find a permanent place with the employers, but do not let this deter your spirits in wearing them. Thoughtful research before finalizing the tattoo can do wonders for you.

Image Courtesy Pinterest

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