Homer Simpson Tattoos

The popular animated show The Simpsons that premiered in 1987, has the character of Homer Jay Simpson. Homer is the fictional character in the animated series who plays the father of the family. Homer was designed and created by cartoonist Matt Groening.

Homer Simpson Tattoo

Subsequent to the launch of the show the character of Homer, voiced by Dan Castellaneta, became very popular and was associated with every American who belonged to the working class. Its here that the love of the character amongst the masses was depicted by getting it inked on their bodies. Homer is crude, overweight, makes mistakes and fights alcoholism a common problem with every blue collar job. The oneness with the people helped the character gain acceptance.

Many feel that getting the Homer Simpson tattoo reveals the humorous side in them. They are able to tell the world that they mean business but apart from that they love fun too and are have the funny bones in them. The character since its birth has been a powerful and influential character. In 2007, it was cited as the top 25 most influential people in the past 25 years by the USA today. Homer epitomizes the irony and humor of an American individual.

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