The Expressive Tattoos of Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd the American singer, song-writer and the famous rapper is in love with inks and has approximately twenty one of them on her body. Let us take a look at a few of them.

She thinks tattoos are the like an artwork and feels they are the best way to express yourself. On her right arm she has a tattoo written in Spanish, which means “pocket full of dreams”. The exact words in Spanish are “Bosillo lleno de suenos”.

Cher Lloyd Tattoos

On her left arm she got a tattoo dedicated to her mother. The tattoo reads “All that you have is your soul”. Her mother loves this song and to showcase her love for her mother Cher got this inked on the side of her arm. She had announced this tattoo very soon after the show X-factor.

To commemorate her love for music she has a treble clef tattoo on the outside of her left palm. This treble clef tattoo is surrounded by other smaller musical notes. On her right index finder she has the word SHH… engraved. This is generally visible when you are trying to silence someone, but in her case its clear when she holds on to the microphone.

Image courtesy Steal Her Style

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