The Cute & Meaningful Cherub Tattoos

Although not in the mainstream tattoos, these tattoos are equally popular. The images of a Cherub differ a lot from that of the Biblical times. During the Biblical era the Cherubs were angles who protected the Heaven and God. Cherub, in modern age means a baby angel with wings.

Cherub Tattoos

The images may have changed with the passing time but, the meaning associated with them remains the same even after ages – Protection. These tattoos are worn as a protection for babies. Hence you can see a lot of parents wearing these tattoos. Some go to the extent of getting the face of their baby inked as the Cherub Tattoo.

Apart from the symbol of protection and the face of the babies, the Cherubs can be interpreted differently too. Some Cherubs are shown as mischievous or naughty, where as some can be shown with vengeance just like in the Biblical era. They were sometimes given the face of the lion, eagle, man or an ox by the artists in that era. The most common Cherub you will find is that of a cupid, doing his rounds in the month of February. They are out with their arrows to pair the ones in love. So are you game for a Cherub!All the ladies click here to find out the best places to get inked on.

Image Courtesy Tattoo Designs Ideas

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