The creative basketball cross Tattoo

Sounds intriguing right, a basketball and a cross for a tattoo! The basketball tattoos started becoming a rage in the 1990’s. When more and more people were going crazy for the new found art.

Basketball is one of those few games where both the passion and zest for the game is at its extreme. Both can be found in the player as well as the supporters/spectators. Every moment of the match is a breath holding moment for the on lookers. What best way to showcase your love for the game than a cool tattoo. The association of the tattoos to sports go back a long way. Time and again supporters have been seen wearing tattoos of the team they support.

Basketball cross tattoo

Since 1990 the craze has only increased amongst the gamers and the supporters to get inked with the game tattoo. One of the very common tattoo that they endorse is the basketball cross tattoo. It is the holy cross with the basketball. The ball can be either below the tattoo or in the middle or at any place you think it should be. The tattoo artist can customize it for you. This tattoo makes a very bold statement, signifying that only the strong survive. Something the opponents might want to tell each other during the game.

Image Courtesy Checkoutmyink  and jenitattoo

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