The auspicious skeleton key tattoo

Every tattoo design is unique in itself and has a meaning associated to it. The prime reason anyone who wants to get inked is for the meaning of the tattoo. That is why we see so many people with Sanskrit shlokas and other invigorating designs on them.

Skeleton Key tattoo

On of such unique designs is the skeleton lock and key design being used as tattoo art. As we all know key is used to unlock the locked doors. So we symbolically delve deeper into the meaning people who get inked with this tattoo are trying to get luck into their lives. They are looking for fortune and are waiting for them. So the skeleton key tattoo is supposed to bring in luck for them which they have been waiting for.

We also know that if the jey is used to unlock the locked doors it is also used to lock the open doors. So a skeleton key tattoo on a person may symbolize that they are trying to keep a secret or there a certain characteristic of theirs which they do not what the other to explore. So we see this tattoo has two meanings. Which one are you looking for the one to bring you luck or the unexplored you!

Image Courtesy Tattoos and Pastel

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