The aura and charm of Polynesian Tattoos

An art in itself Polynesian Tattoos are bold, mystique and charismatic. If you delve deeper onto the designs and symbols of these piece of art the make you more curious to know all about them. The traditions that gave birth to these tattoos are centuries hold and have been the source of inspiration for many historians.

Polynesian tattoos have two distinctive designs as discussed below:-

  • The first one is called Etua. This style carries a religious and spiritual implication; they use magical symbols that offer protection from evil.
  • The second design is the Enata. These designs are naturally inspired by a persons status in the society, his identity, occupation, history and motherland.

These tattoos symbolize valor, achievements, power, they offer protection from the evil and blessings from God. If you are choosing a Polynesian tattoo to be imbibed on your body you must know what they symbolize and depict. A few popular motifs are:-

  • Tiki: they are believed to be ancestors of humans and drive away the bad forces.
  • Sharks: Considered as symbol of power and protection.
  • Turtle: Due to their long lives they personify prolonged existence.
  • Geckos: Polynesians feared Geckos as they believed they brought bad omen.
  • Shells: In the ancient times shells were used as money hence it signifies prosperity.


Image courtesy Polynesian Tattoo

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