The Amazing Dreamcatcher Tattoos and their meaning

The dreamcatcher is associated to the Native American culture and has deep meanings and beliefs associated to it. It is believed that the Native American tribe – The Anishinabe were the ones who created these tattoos.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The tribe believed in the existence of a Spider Woman. The Spider Woman at the time of the birth of an infant used to visit their cradles to bless them. As a blessing they used to weave a magical web on the cradle that acted as a savior for the infant. Now as the tribe started to expand they had to migrate to different places. The tribe believed it became difficult for the Spider Woman to keep pace with the moving people and reach all the newborns on time. Hence the tribal woman took the onus of protecting the newborns on their shoulders and started creating their own dreamcatcher tattoos.

The dreamcatcher was a round wooden hoop with loose strings and feather attached in the centre to entertain the baby or keep them engaged. The feathers were believed to help the baby soothe and have peaceful dreams. Later this work of art took the form of the tattoo. These days these tattoos are still very popular amongst the female.

Image courtesy Tattoo Easily

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