Tattoos For The Music Lovers

Yes, tattoos for the music lovers you read it correct. Treble clef tattoos are the tattoos for the ones passionate about music. A Treble clef is the symbol that is located at the start of the staff, the five horizontal lines.

Due to its shape the Treble clef tattoo is sometimes referred to as the ā€œGā€ clef tattoo too. This symbol in the musical language represents the pitches of the musical notes and spaces of the staff. The Treble Clef is the most commonly used clef in the recent times. In the initial days this was called as the Violin Clef.

Treble Clef Tattoo

The music lovers generally love to wear in on their left wrist as it is the first note of the musical language and we read from left to write. So for a delicate Treble Clef tattoo the music enthusiast can carve a tender heart which has a Treble Clef incorporated in the design. A bold tattoo on the nape of an individual looks flashy yet simple. It has a certain aura associated with it that any music lover will not miss.

All said and written, there are many tattoos for the music lovers but Treble clef is special as it the one that starts the musical language!

Image courtesy Slodive

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