Symbolic and Mysterious Chinese cat tattoos

The animal symbols used by the Chinese have some implausible power and demand across all the cultures. One of these animal symbols commonly found on an individual’s body is the Chinese cat tattoo. A cat is an ancient Celtic animal and is symbolic of the guardian from the other-world.

Chinese Cat Tattoo

The cats due to their litheness convey the meaning of flexibility, adaptability and change. The cat tattoos depict cleverness, mystery, supernatural, independent attitude, watchfulness and institution. There sudden presence in the life of anyone can be because of a fresh and welcome change. The cats can be treated as both lucky and bad omen. In the Western tradition the black cats are treated as bad omen and emblematic with witchcraft and hence they were scarified.

Cats can sometimes be detached too, so the person wearing it may be trying to suggest the message that he/she is trying to distance themselves from something that they plan to avoid. Sometimes the best cure for a problematic situation is to distance yourself from it and who better than a cat to talk about it.

Well, the mysterious symbolization of the cat is misunderstood by many when this can be asset if interpreted positively. The cat conveys a lot of attributes for the humans to learn from it.

Image courtesy ckeckoutmyink

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