Symbol of Love – Turtle Dove Tattoo

The turtle dove is the most endangered species in the UK. So a lot of people in a quest to save them are voluntarily getting the turtle dove tattoo. Apart from this since ages the human race has been using these birds in a lot many ways. For some it signifies eternal love and for the other they are the ones to be sacrificed. So what do you associated them with!

Turtle Dove Tattoo

Getting inked with two turtle doves signifies perpetual love, companionship, monogamy and loyalty to the partner. A single bird signifies peace, humanity and innocence among the masses. The Hebrews referred to the turtle dove as “Tor”. Islam believes that the black dove was Prophet Muhammad’s foreshadow who whispered the words of wisdom into his ears. Hence the bird is believed to be the messenger of God. A lot of people who have lost their loved ones go in for this tattoo to mark their respect for the lost love. They pray through the medium of this tattoo that the departed soul may rest in peace and may be considered as pure as the dove.

Turtle dove tattoos are also a means to connect with the god of love, to bestow them with love all through their life.

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