Spider Tattoo

The ghastly arthropods with poisonous fangs, spinning webs almost everywhere, send a chill down our spine. Commonly known as spiders, these arachnids have become popular nowadays due to Stan Lee’s Spiderman. But contrary to this popular belief, use of spider imagery has been in existence since ancient times as a symbol of power, development and mystery.

Spider Tattoo

Even though it may seem masculine, the spider tattoo is also worn by women. This tattoo comes in a variety of colors, designs and styles and belongs to the genre of old school tattoos. Although believed to have originated in Malaysia, the spider tattoo is relevant in numerous cultures worldwide. In India, the spider is associated with Maya which describes the illusory nature of appearances. In Egypt, it is related to Neith symbolizing hunting, recreation and weaving. According to the Greek mythology, the spider is associated with Arachne, an amazing weaver.

The spider tattoo is a very common prison tattoo and has also been related with racist groups throughout the past. Barring such negative connotations, the spider tattoo represents a person’s struggle through the web of life. It also signifies wisdom, harmony, perseverance, creativity and fate. Often coupled with a web, the spider tattoo comes in a wide array of beautiful designs.

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