Simple Celtic Cross Tattoos For All

Celtic tattoos are very popular with all tattoo lovers. A simple celtic cross or an elaborate one are both good choices. A cross is a symbol of devotion usually for Christians. However, cross tattoos have been popular in history as well as in modern era. There are so many different tattoo designs which can be used around the cross or to make it look more elaborate – like adding a rose, a chain, stone work etc to the cross. Effects can be added behind the cross or across it. You can really be creative and come up with a unique design . Always personalize your tattoo else you will soon get bored of it and tattoo removals can be pain. So always be sure of what you want. Look online or in tattoo books for ideas, but if you like something, always tweak it to add something “extra” to give it a personal touch and make it totally unique . Always have a style statement and go with it. This way, you will always love your tattoo.

So here are 2 of my favorite designs for a celtic cross tattoo. Be sure to experiment, search and add your zinc to your final design before going to a tattoo artist. and remember to have fun :)

celtic cross

celtic cross tattoo


Image Courtesy DesignCalorie

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