Shamrock Tattoos

Shamrock got its symbolism and meaning in Ireland, around the fifth century. St. Patrick used the shamrock or the three leafed clover as an image of the Christianity holy trinity.

Each leaf had a meaning associated with it father, son and the Holy Ghost or it meant faith, love and hope. The ancient Celts saw the clover a significant food source for domestic animals which lent power of abundance, provision, and nurturing. Taking forward the symbolism of profusion, clover growth is productive with very little aggravation. This would have indicated permanence, expanse and lushness to the Celts and their type.

shamrock tattoo

If seen in a dream the shamrock means financial gain, success, good health and achievement. This symbolism is due to its green color as the color is associated with these adjectives. The clover smells sweet and studies have proved that the use of the clover makes a person calmer and composed. If you dream about the shamrock/three leaf clover you are sure to be surrounded with the feeling of attainment and contentment.

Above all the shamrock tattoo means good luck. So if you want your good luck to be with you always be game for a shamrock or a three leaf clover tattoo.

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