Seahorse Tattoo

If there is one living creature closest to myths and legends, it ought to be the seahorse. With a strange resemblance to a horse’s head and a reptile’s tail, this aquatic beauty is an unconventional yet proud choice of, commonly feminine, tattoo. Men often get this tattoo because of its magical significance in various cultures.

Seahorse Tattoo

The Chinese revere the seahorse as a symbol of good luck. According to the ancient Romans and Greeks, the seahorse was an aspect of the sea god Poseidon, thus symbolizing power and strength. The ancient Europeans believed that the seahorse provided safe passage and protection to the souls of the dead sailors to their final destination. In its habitat, the seahorse seems to be in no hurry, swimming around in a very slow and graceful manner. A seahorse tattoo, therefore, may signify contentment. Men get this tattoo as a symbol of fatherhood, because it is the male seahorse which carries the eggs. This unique attribute makes it a symbol of uniqueness also.

The seahorse tattoo can be inked in a wide array of colors and designs. Combinations of such colors as red and yellow, black and blue, black and gray or pink and purple are very popular with additional designs of aquatic life added to the seahorse tattoo.

Image Courtesy deviantart

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