Rose Tattoos

Apart from being a fragrant flower a rose is popular tattoo too. Individuals wear it with pride for various symbolisms, not only for symbolism, the individuals who love the rose flower also wear this tattoo. The flower is delicate and represents beauty and love. It is to be noted that the petals in the flower are associated with numerology.

In the Greek mythology the Aphrodite (the goddess of love) was shown adorned with a tiara of roses on her forehead. Not only the head, the roses adorned her neck and feet too. This was to depict the love spilled by her assassinated lover Adonis. The roses here symbolized immortal love as her jewel.

Rose Tattoo

The tarot considers rose as a symbol of balance. They express promise, hope and new beginnings. The sharp thorns on the flower talk about the person’s ability to defend, an individuals loss and selfishness. The colors of the rose too mean a lot, yellow symbolize purity and mysticism. Red as we all know speak of love and romance, apart from this they represent sacrifice too. Pink roses speak of innocence and puppy love. Impossible and unattainable characteristics are associated with blue roses. Last but not the least black roses speak of death and farewell.

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