Rosary Tattoos

A rosary tattoo is the answer to all your prayers for a perfect tattoo. Worn by both men and women, this tattoo gives modern body art a whole new religious flavor. According to Catholic faith, a rosary contains fifty beads with a cross placed along with it at times, to ward off the devil. Tattoo lovers get this inked on them to ask Jesus to protect them from Satan permanently, or as long as the tattoo is on their body.

Rosary Tattoo

The rosary tattoo can be inked in various designs on various parts of the body. The most common one is of the rosary with praying hands, often referred to as the memorial tattoo or R.I.P. tattoo. Another common one is a rosary drawn around the neck and down the chest to illustrate wearing an actual rosary. Women often draw the tattoo around the ankle. Another variation is of the rosary on a flat surface.

But a word of caution before getting a rosary tattoo drawn on yourself. People of varying religious beliefs may not take too kindly to the rosary tattoo and may feel it hurting their religious sentiments. A rosary is considered far more sacred than a cross or an angel.

Image Courtesy Tattoo design

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