Raven Tattoos

Raven is a bird that can symbolize both evil and good. So the meanings associated with the raven tattoos too mean both good and bad. The symbolism with the bird dates back to centuries when people thought about the bird as the carrier of death. Spotting a raven meant death and bad omen.

Raven Tattoos

There are various theories that talk about a raven/crow representing death, however the most trustworthy story goes like this: In ancient Europe war a never ending process. As soon as a war finished another would start at a different place. With such a situation it was not uncommon to sea bodies around in pool of blood being eaten by the animals and birds. As the ravens are found in abundance in Europe they were most commonly spotted feeding on the decaying bodies. Hence, they were associated with death in those times.

However, one should think them as birds and not just some scary creatures. Here are a couple of meanings that are associated with them to talk about their positivity: messenger, fate and intelligence (as crows are considered to be smart and strategic). The Greeks believed that ravens brought good luck and the hindus believe till today that ravens means surviving.

So, which one will you choose?

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