Quick and funky stick on tattoos

Have to rush for a cool party. Here is an idea to make you look cool and funky – the stick on tattoo. Done in a jiffy these tattoos are the easiest to apply, wear and flaunt. The stickers for these tattoos can be found easily at a local store.


You can easily do it on yourself by carefully following the procedure mentioned on the package. Initially these tattoos were created with kids in mind, but owing to the popularity they are now found for adults too. Some online sites even customize your stick on tattoos according to your order.

These tattoos can last from two hours to a week depending upon the quality of the sticker. The best part is you can wear a number of tattoos at one time; you just have to stick them on you. Just be careful, when you apply the tattoo make sure the skin is hair free, not oily and well washed for the tattoo to stick properly. Try applying these tattoos where there is less friction and perspiration, like the outer arm, nape, waist, check, upper and lower back or the stomach. Have fun flaunting your stick on tattoos amongst your friends.

Image Courtesy DailyBri and Thin Geek

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