Peacock Tattoo

If the rainbow ever takes the form of a living creature, the peacock is bound to be its avatar here on earth. With the brilliance of vibrant hues, the peacock is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful birds ever. The peacock tattoo adds a majestic touch to the graceful beauty of women. Even men wear this tattoo for the sheer energy reflected in its colors.

Peacock Tattoo

The peacock imagery is prevalent through cultures and myths. According to Hinduism the peacock is identified with Lakshmi, representing good luck, patience and benevolence. The peacock is associated with Hera in the Greco-Roman mythology, the eye-shaped marks on its tail feathers representing celestial and heavenly significance. The Chinese believe it to be a symbol of good fortune. The Persian and Babylonian cultures deemed the peacock to be a sentinel of royalty. It has a holy and sanctimonious symbolism in Christianity.

The major appeal of a peacock tattoo is in its vibrancy of colors, without which it looks dull and insipid. Men get the full peacock tattoo on their arms, back or chest while women get it done down their side or on their back. Some get variations of the full peacock tattoo in the form of just a peacock feather, which looks simple yet elegant and can be drawn anywhere on the body, unlike the full peacock.

Image Courtesy Jobs Papa

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