Peace sign tattoos

The world loves peace, and this basic feeling makes the Peace sign tattoos so popular. We find peace signs on so many things – key chains, mugs, T-shirts, posters, jewelry – the list is endless. There are many variations of the peace sign – the ‘V’ sign, the olive branch, the dove, and the most famous inverted broken cross in a circle. People all over the world have chosen this as the most prominent symbol of peace.

Peace Sign Tattoo

The ‘inverted cross in a circle’ peace symbol was created by British artist Gerald Holtom on February 21, 1958 for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Since then, it has become the most common symbol for international peace and anti-war sentiments. This peace symbol became synonymous with the hippie culture and the “Make love, not war” era of 1960-70. The peace symbol was the most common tattoo with people of the hippie age.

The traditional three pronged symbol facing down within a circle comes in a lot of variations. Some have a certain tribal or even Celtic touch to it. This tattoo doesn’t have much of a gender variation. Only the application of colors may define its masculine or feminine touch. The ingenuity of this tattoo is that it comes in a variety of size and can be drawn almost anywhere in the body.

Image Courtesy Real Common Sense

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