Originated from Mexico – The Aztec Tattoos

The Aztec tattoos have become a vogue off late. Due to an in-depth cultural meaning associated with them the Aztec tattoos have become popular and are in demand these days.

These tattoos originated in Mexico and had a dominant role to play from the 14th to the 16th century. The Aztecs did their tattoos in honor of a God of their tribe and there was a ritual associated with each tattoo. Each tattoo was associated to a different Aztec tribe and spoke about the valor of the warrior of the tribe.

Aztec Skull Tattoo

The areas like the chest, wrist and stomach were believed to be the seats of power by the Aztecs and to get a tattoo on these areas was a symbol of pride for the tribe member. The placement of the tattoo was largely dependant on the God the tribal’s chose to mollify.

A lot of individuals today adorn an Aztec tattoo due the strong meanings associated with each of the tattoo. To some extent these tattoos speak about the personality of the person wearing it. We suggest if you decide to get inked with an Aztec tattoo, you must visit an artist who specializes in this art and can connote the meaning of the symbols you chose.

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