Nautical Star Tattoo

We may all be aware of the nautical star used by the marine armed forces of the United States Army. However, very few know of its popularity with tattoo lovers. Generally used as a symbol of guidance and protection, the nautical star tattoo was primarily used by the sailors. This five-pointed tattoo is considered to be a basic form of the compass rose and has the top point directing towards the North Star, an important facet for sailors. Therefore the nautical star tattoo is clearly associated with sailing.

Nauticalstar tattoo

The most common form of the nautical star tattoo comes in black ink. But people opt for other shades also. Diverse colors in this tattoo may signify different meanings. Some use red and black ink alternately to symbolize sensuality and intelligence. Some may use yellow to symbolize a connection between the physical and metaphysical world. Others may also use the blue ink to include random meanings.

The five-point design of the nautical star tattoo also finds some variations among its aficionados. Some people wear it as six points with certain religious beliefs, most commonly associated with the Star of David. Other religious beliefs bring about an eight-point nautical star tattoo, which may find similarities with the San Juan cross.

Image Courtesy New Health Guide

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