Mystical tattoos from the Ancient Egypt

The earliest origination of tattoos is documented in Egypt. As the tattoos keep becoming popular so does the demand for Egyptian motifs. The Egyptian amulets are a big craze amongst the tattoo lovers and so are the other designs that include the ankhs symbolizing life, Horus or the eye of the God and the cobras.

The Egyptian tattoos are inspired from their style of writing called hieroglyphs which later inspired the scripts of Phoenician, Hebrew and Greek. Hieroglyphs were the symbols used by Egyptians to write their script and communicate. They were carved on stones in the temple and were considered spiritual and mystique. These symbols formed the basics of the tattoo designs used by them.

The Ankh hieroglyphs denotes the breathe of life, which has become much in demand these days. This symbol appeared prominently in the temples of the Egypt and was worshiped by the tribe. Another popular symbol is the eye of Horus or the eye of the God. Horus was also known as Ra, the Sky God which had the head of the falcon. This God was accredited with the qualities of the light and goodness.

The Egyptians believed that the tattoos helped them connect with the divine and a tribute of sacrifice to a deity. So are you ready to connect with the divine!


Image courtesy Look My Tattoo

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