Monkey Tattoos

People may think that no one in their right mind would consider a monkey to be a part of body art. Some may even think that such a mischievous, filthy, troublesome, impatient animal can be repulsive both as a creature and as a tattoo. But nothing can be more untrue. Monkey tattoos are a rage and any tattoo artist or fan will vouch for that.

monkey tattoo

The monkey is held in high esteem in several cultures. It is revered as the monkey god Hanuman in the Hindu religion. The Chinese honor the monkey as the ninth zodiac sign and celebrate every twelfth year as the year of the monkey. The Buddhists believe the monkey to be a protector and also a messenger of gods. No matter which culture you cater to, the monkey symbolizes positive attributes of wit, intelligence, spirituality, protection, justice and harmony.

Similar to its various antics, the monkey tattoo comes in various forms, each one of which is fun to have. The most common is the trio of monkeys covering their eyes, ears and mouth to signify “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil”. Other forms include the tribal monkey tattoo, evil monkey tattoo, monkey belly button tattoo and chimpanzee tattoo.

Image Courtesy Best Animal Tattoos

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