Meaning and History behind The Celtic Tattoos

The Celtic warriors were the ones who got the Celtic tattoos the stature they command today. They were the ones responsible for making these tattoos so famous and in demand. The Celts considered that the ones who got a chance to fight a battle were very lucky. Hence they tattooed their warriors to intimidate the enemies and referred to these as the ‘painted ones’ or Picts, a Latin root word.

Celtic Tattoo

To daunt the enemy the Celtic warrior preferred a fierce animal tattoo. The Celtic Knots too were common which found their place on the chest and the upper arm. To reflect the organic energy they wore symbols of Swirls – Nature, La Tene – Wind, circles – Motion and trinities – Time. The Celtic warriors who emerged as victorious in the wars loved to wear the scar of the victory on their bodies and carried them with much élan.

For painting the Tattoos on the bodies leaves of the Woad plant were dried, boiled and then strained. They were once again boiled to form a sticky paste and were then pierced into the skin with needle like equipments. This forced the indigo color to penetrate beneath the skin and emerge as a tattoo on the outer surface.

Image Courtesy The Maisonette and Tattoo Studios

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