Meaning and design of Gemini tattoos

The Gemini is born between 21st May and 20th June.  According to the Greek mythology the Gemini sign is represented by two twins, Castor and Pollux. One of the twin’s characteristics is to change its personality according to the changing situation and not miss a single beat.


The two twins were blessed to be together always by the ancient gods. The two divided their immortality by spending half their time in Olympus with the Gods and the other half on land. Although the two twins were men they are sometimes carved as women too when it come to tattooing.

One of the twin was born to communicate hence Gemini’s are very good with their communications skills. Their conversations are intelligent and entertaining, but they never hurt the emotions of others. When tattooing the artists generally prefer inking two women intertwined into each other.

It is not important to get a sun sign tattoo pertaining to your birth. People get inked with the sun sign of their loved ones too. Or e=if they choose to depict a particular personality associated with the sun sign they may wear that sun sign. So which sun sign will you choose to speak about your personality.

Image courtesy Waktattoos

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