Masonic Tattoos

The society of Freemasons is the world’s oldest male only club or organization. The members are referred to as masons and they form part of a freemasonry lodge which is looked after by a grandmaster and wardens. It has always been considered a secret society; tales of secret handshakes have been told for hundreds of years! The world of the Freemasons is a fascinating one full of symbolism and a wish for the perfect way of life.

Masonic Tattoos

Masonic Symbols are the individual signs and symbols used to represent members of the society of freemasons. They may include tracing board, freemason apron, emblems, rituals, prayers and handshake. Mason tools are used by freemasons to symbolize personal and spiritual growth. A tracing board is used to explain the principles of Masonic beliefs to new members of the lodge. The aprons of the Freemasons symbolize the lambskin aprons which were worn by the original stone masons.

Masonic tattoos can be drawn both in shades of black and gray and in other vibrant colors. Pure masculine in style, these tattoos have yet to garner popularity among the female fans. Although the society of Freemasons is considered secret, people don’t shy away from showing their prized body art.

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