Lowrider Tattoo

The Nazi Low Riders who were also known as the NLR, came into existence during the 1970’s inside a California Youth Authority facility and were strongly allied with the two gangs – Aryan Brotherhood (AB) and the Public Enemy Number One (PEN1).

The union was formed to protect the Aryan brotherhood. However, in the 1980’s the concerned authorities started working towards breaking up the AB by separating its known members in maximum lock-up prisons like Pelican Bay and other Security Housing Units (SHUs) and hence the NLR was needed to conduct AB business in the medium security prisons.


While in prison the Nazi Low Riders, the white supremacists prison and street gangs to create a separate identity for themselves stated using symbols on their bodies. The tattoos had various designs and symbols, even the logo of NLR’s was used as a symbol.

The common symbols were:

  • Swatikas
  • NLR – Nazi Low Riders
  • SS – Lightning bolts
  • HH – Heil Hitler
  • 88 – The numerical equal to “HH”
  • WP – White Power
  • WSU – White Student Union
  • AYM – Aryan Youth Movement

There were no stringent rules about position of NLR tattoos. In fact, many NLR members used to hide their tattoos in order to avoid being detected as a member and subsequently being sent to a maximum security prison.

Image Courtesy Tattoo Forum

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