Lotus flower tattoo

The lotus begins its life cycle as a small flower down at the grimy bottom of a pond and gradually grows up towards light at the water’s surface. Once at the surface, the lotus blooms into a beautiful flower.

Lotus Tattoo

This symbolic rise of the lotus from darkness to light, from filth to purity, from insignificance to beauty gives it a vast array of meanings. The lotus has varying significance with different colors. A white lotus flower symbolizes purity and supremacy, red lotus symbolizes care and love, blue lotus refers to the common sense, pink lotus represents the history of Buddha and the past myths of the Buddha, purple lotus speaks of holiness and spirituality, gold lotus flower represents success.

A tattoo lover has the option of getting a lotus tattoo with any of the myriad colors mentioned above. Therein rests the beauty of this tattoo. Some people also venture to get it done with black ink also. Although feminine in nature, men also don’t shy away from getting this tattoo nowadays. Some prefer a big lotus tattoo on the back; some prefer a smaller version on the arm or chest. Therefore, a lotus flower tattoo finds a place of beauty on almost any part of the body.

Image Courtesy Find Your Tattoo and Cuded

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