Lip Tattoo

One of the most intricate forms of body art is the lip tattoo. A far cry from other forms of tattoos, lip tattoos is one of the least conspicuous body art. Probably because of this very reason it is one of the last tattoos to come in vogue. With a constriction of space, these tattoos usually have words in designs of various fonts. Lip tattoos can be both inside as well as on the lip. The flip side with these tattoos is that they tend to fade away faster than tattoos elsewhere.

Lip Tattoo

Lips are sensitive and people have one major concern before getting a lip tattoo – the pain involved. Different people have different threshold of pain, but a general consensus states that getting a lip tattoo may be equal to or even less than the pain involved in getting tattoos anywhere else. As a precautionary stance, use an anti-bacterial mouthwash to ward off any infection.

Lip tattoos can be temporary or permanent. In fact, permanent lip tattoos on the lip are quite a rage as permanent lip color/lipstick. Opt for a permanent tattoo on the lips if you want to make them look fuller and have a more intense color.

Image Courtesy Tattoos Time

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