Ladybug tattoo

The ladybug is one of the cutest creatures which look even better as a tattoo on the human body. Over the years, this tattoo has become quite famous with women because of its cuteness quotient. In fact, it is a symbol of freedom and fragility.

Ladybug Tattoo

The ladybug is often considered to be a symbol of friendship and according to Christianity, is associated with Mother Mary – both for the same reason – a natural protector of plants. The Chinese believe it to be auspicious and a symbol of good luck. According to Asian folklore, a ladybug is a symbol of finding true love. The most common color associated with ladybugs is red, and hence a ladybug tattoo can symbolize love, passion, vitality and energy.

Women feel at ease getting a ladybug tattoo because of its minuscule size which involves very little time and pain; moreover it can be drawn almost everywhere on the body – ankles, hips, behind the ears, lower back, shoulders, and even the groin area. Another reason for this tattoo’s popularity is in its association with other symbols. The ladybug tattoo looks good with images of hearts, butterflies, grass, flowers, fairies, rainbows, vines and water. So get lady luck on your side by embellishing yourself with a ladybug tattoo.

Image Courtesy Waktattoos

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