Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi is a Japanese word that means carp fish. These tattoos are associated with masculinity and other qualities like wisdom, courage, longevity, knowledge, loyalty and zeal to reach your goals and out do all the difficulties of life.

The tattoos are an intricate piece of art which includes perfectly carved curves, bright scales and the correct angles. Due to this perfect engraving they are supposed to get good luck to the one wearing them. The fish symbolizes good luck because it is believed that the koi has special skills to climb the Yellow river and take the form of a dragon. Those who choose a koi fish tattoo want to show their strength and determination.

Koi Fish Tattoos

A red koi tattoo represents love, typically expressed in a strong masculine way. This is also considered to be a very energetic tattoo. To overcome the challenge that comes with pain and hardships an individual can get a black koi tattoo. Apart from masculinity a blue koi also represents reproduction. If the blue koi fish is swimming upwards it represents people overcoming an individual difficulty. If the koi is swimming downwards then it represents that the person who was going through the adversity has already overcome the difficulty. So which koi are you getting inked with!

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