Jesus Tattoo

Many believe that the ultimate form of Christian tattoo is the Jesus tattoo. But staunch Christians believe tattoos are not a part of the faith. Whatever the debate be, no one can ignore the beauty of this tattoo both for its religious and artistic significance.

Jesus tattoo

During the 1960s and 1970s, people were deeply entwined with sex, drugs and rock n roll. To counter this unholy alliance, people with a more religious inclination decided to enter the pop culture with religious tattoos, especially the Jesus tattoo. Similar to his inspirational depiction in paintings, Jesus has been tattooed in various designs. One of them is the face of Jesus with a halo around His head and a benign smile on His face. Another common tattoo is of Jesus with a crown of thorns on His bleeding head. These tattoos are small in size and can be drawn on the arms, shoulders, chest or back.

Another bigger version of this tattoo is of Jesus crucified on the cross to remind us of His supreme sacrifice for the good of all humans. Artists always draw the Jesus tattoo in great detail, but abstain from drawing it on the lower half of the body, which is disrespectful.

Image courtesy deviantart

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