Intelligent and Tricky Fox Tattoos

On of the popular animal tattoo is the Fox Tattoo. The fox can have some tricky meanings associated to it. The Native American Mythology believes that the foxes are the tricky beings treading the planet but are morally neutral to situations and are hesitant towards the consequences.

The fox is a very intelligent animal and it is associated to being tricky due to its intelligence. It is difficult to trap them or keep them confined. The fox symbolizes the following, clever, secretive nature of an individual, resourcefulness, shape-shifting, sexuality, focus, craftiness and playfulness.

Fox Tattoos

According to a folklore in Europe the fox represents the following characteristics of an individual – cunning, slyness and furtiveness. The red fox symbolizes the kingdom of solar animals and talks about health, energy, life and vitality. The foxes are able to adapt easily to the environment surrounding them and can easily escape the perils that engulf them. Very often a few traditional civilizations believed that the foxes use their supernatural powers to free themselves from the difficult situations.

In reality, the fox in an animal who has good instincts and intelligence. The animal acquires these characteristics to cope up in the surroundings that it lives in.

Image courtesy Deviantart

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