Infinity Tattoos

A sideways eight, infinity tattoos mean without limit or without any ends. The tattoo is not religious but holds a lot of meaning and beauty within itself. For some it is the symbol of mathematics while for the others it may mean perpetuity.

Infinity Tattoo

Infinity tattoo designs are specially admired between the couples and one can often see hearts tattooed besides the infinity tattoos or entangled with them. Couples who get this tattoo want to symbolize that their love for each other is never ending and limitless. The couple usually gets this tattoo exactly in the same part of their bodies, as each other, to further add meaning to this adornment. We suggest that if you want to depict your love for your partner then infinity tattoo is the best idea, get it done exactly in the same place as your partner and let the world know about your love!

However, the tattoo is not just for the lovers. It also conveys the meaning of rebirth and reincarnation. The tattoo says that the human body is eternal be it in the physical form or any other form. The tattoo has many layers attached to its meaning and relates to almost all cultures across the world.

Image Courtesy Infinity Tattoo designs


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