Hummingbird Tattoo

The significance of the humming bird varies with societies. Some believe that is a symbol of life and joy while others think as the bird can float and takes it time to drink the nectar, it symbolizes that life too needs to be savored in the same way. Hence the tattoo symbolizes the same in various societies.

humming bird

The tattoos are primarily meant for women in any of the society. The bird has been spoken about in the legends, literature, folklores, by the American Natives and in mythology. The bird signifies grace and poise. The Aztecs used to wear dead hummingbirds around their neckline in small bags. This was practiced for various reasons, the primary one was to attract the opposite sex. Some Aztec tattoo designs included a hummingbird, the tattoos were designed in a way that they incorporated the bird in it, as they believed that the bird signified love.

The humming bird tattoos are mostly full of colors and flowers. As the tribal’s believed that the flowers and the humming birds mutually existed, one could not exist without the other. The bird is a symbol of a good omen and helps the wearer during their hard times and face difficult challenges.

Image Courtesy Tattoo Jockey

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