Harley Davidson Tattoo

When we think of owning a dream motorbike, the first name that flashes through our minds is the cult brand – Harley-Davidson. Nothing speaks more about brand loyalty than getting inked with a Harley-Davidson tattoo. This tattoo has been a longtime symbol of what America represents. Therefore it has, over the years, evolved from being a just motorcycle brand to a lifestyle brand.

Harley-Davidson Tattoos

If a person wears a Harley-Davidson tattoo, chances are that he/she already owns one of the motorcycles. Harley-Davidson tattoo can be an amalgamation of the brand name incorporated with an image of eagle, wings and wheels or the standard ‘bar-and-shield’ logo that was introduced in 1910. The logo is still the defining symbol of Harley-Davidson. These tattoos frequently use patriotic designs and symbols like the American Bald Eagle and the Stars & Stripes of the American flag. Design elements of engine parts like spark plugs, pistons and connecting rods also find place in these tattoos. Many Harley-Davidson tattoos also feature skulls as a stark reminder that life is transitory and short.

Hence, Harley-Davidson tattoos, like the motorcycles, have generated the myth “Live fast, Die young, Leave a good looking corpse” and it can be summarized in the philosophy ‘Live to Ride, Ride to Live’.

Image Courtesy Seattle Trademark Lawyer

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