Halloween Tattoos

Halloween is a holiday popularly celebrated by children and by those adults who could not let the child in them fade away. Halloween is the time of the year that is celebrated only once and is loved by one and all across all age group.

pinup girl

To showcase their love for the festival the individuals love to get inked in the symbols of the festivity like the skull, bats, zombie and of course the pumpkin. These individuals feel that wearing the costumes only once a year is not enough to show the extent of their love for the day, hence they prefer to get tattooed with the symbol they love the most. The pin-up witches are very popular and preferred, where as the die hard lovers of Halloween do not shy away from getting the entire back inked with the Halloween scene.

Getting the Halloween tattoo can be a pain as you have to be under the gun for several hours to give your favorite character the desired personality you want. For instance the bat can be made to look spooky if you want to say you are mysterious or can be made to look funny and jaunty if you wish! You just have to tell your tattoo artist about it.

Image Courtesy Mental Floss

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